EVduty EVC30 Smart-Pro Programming

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Smart-Pro programming available only for charging stations purchased on bornedecharge.ca AND whose serial number is 4700 AND MORE.

Keychain for upgrading an EVduty terminal, EVC30 model (black box) to make it an intelligent version (Smart-Pro). Includes remote programming.

When purchasing this update, please send your terminal serial number (EVC30-XXXX) in the order note or email us at : sales@ev-chargers.ca

In stock

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Details on Smart-Pro smart functions :

  1. Manage access to your terminal – Choose who can access your public charging station.
  2. Your charger, your price – You have control over the availability of your charging station and the price of recharging.
  3. Get paid periodically – Your top-up income will be automatically transferred to you every 3 months.
  4. Accessible on your phone 24/7 – Plan and control your charger from your phone, whether you’re on site or on the go.
  5. Generate revenue wherever you are – View your customers’ recharge data in real time.
  6. Control your recharge – Start and stop a recharge session easily from your mobile device.
  7. Get real-time information – View real-time recharge data.
  8. Configure your current – Configure the maximum output current (8A, 12A, 16A, 20A, 24A, 28A, 30A).
  9. Share power – Configure the smart link sharing function.
  10. Manage access to your charging station– Manage access to your charging station by sending invitations.
  11. View your history – View the history of charging sessions and other events that have occurred on your charging station.


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Made by Elmec Inc. in Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada

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