• Up to 650 A thanks to liquid cooling technology offering up to 400 km of autonomy
    in 10 minutes
  • Charge 4 vehicles simultaneously with up to 480 kW
  • With Big Data & Electrochemistry, we manage and predict overheating conditions, protecting
    the charger while reducing maintenance costs
  • When integrated with the vehicle’s telematics, our advanced AI algorithms intelligently optimize
    charging strategy, extending battery life by up to 20%.

Smart advertising and communication portal

  • Four 55-inch 4K HD displays with mini-LED technology designed for excellent viewing
    outdoor viewing
  • AI client matching technology enables targeted advertising
  • Access to global media resources
  • Advanced wireless streaming technology can mirror your smartphone on the screen
  • Optimized by dual Android 10 systems for more innovative advertising and revenue
  • Communicate, promote or attract customers generating new revenue streams

Spec Sheet