JuiceBox 40 charging station – NEMA 14-50 (stove plug), 32 amp or 40 amp offered, smart version for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

The JuiceBox 40 charging station with its new sleek style including an integrated cable and pistol receptacle, stove socket (NEMA 14-50), 32 amp or 40 amp offered, smart charger for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

INSTALLATION: Your JuiceBox 40 charging station must be installed on a 40 or 50 amp circuit by a master electrician.

  • Dynamic LED lights showing charging status
  • NEMA 4X waterproof and dustproof polycarbonate housing
  • Integrated Support
  • ENERGY STAR ™ certified
  • Monitor, manage, and control your charger via voice commands on Amazon Echo/Alexa and Google Home
  • Power sharing between JuiceBox chargers
  • Connection via a stove socket (not included)

JuiceNet App: Android or iOS

Technical Sheet 32 amp
Technical Sheet 40 amp

* For hardwired version configurable at 32A or 40A : click here.
* For hardwired version configurable at 32A, 40A or even 48A : click here.